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Are you really worry about your current marketing strategy?

Are you really worry about your current marketing strategy?

We do Marketing for you inside the door and at the door.

Hiring management professional is bit expensive but having it services 24/7 now very cost effective.

N.H.T.P.L Brings to you its marketing Consulting services at very reasonable cost, where we design, analyze, examine, implement the right solution for you as according to your product.

Prices Cheaper Than Ever: Hiring a low level employee cost you more than 6 K Rs per Month where we charge you 5 K Rs for Marketing Services, 32 K to 5 Lakh Rupees for Marketing Consulting Services and Advertisement services start from 6K Annually (Please cals us at +91-9693408442 for advertisement Plans)

What do marketing consultants do?

Provide organizational change Marketing assistance.

  • Manages Marketing and Economic Risks
  • Market Research & Analyses 
  • Market Design and Market Strategy
  • Providing information to the client and Solving a client’s problems
  • Making a diagnosis which may necessitate redefinition of the problem
  • Making recommendations based on diagnosis
  • Assisting with the implementation of the recommended actions
  • Permanently improving organizational effectiveness.

Marketing Objectives and goals  of  N.H.T.P.L

Our goals and objectives are employed in advertising and can be both short or long term in nature.
Short-term goals and objectives pertain to the ad copy itself. Ads are designed to introduce certain concepts and must also be convincing.
Long-term advertising goals pertain to desired effects. The key to successful advertising is knowing how much to allocate toward specific types of advertising.
You also need to properly identify your target audience so you are reaching the right consumers.
Save cost in Marketing Advertisement.

You Should broadly Know

  • Where are my target buyers?
  • What is the best medium to reach them?
  • Can I afford to launch an effective campaign using this medium?

We Analyze, Examine, Identify, Design and Implement your product & service marketing & Advertisement needs, we recommend our services for exact and specific marketing & Advertisement services cost effectively.
We are True Employees:
Hiring N.H.T.P.L means hiring group of people as employees who are working for you 24/7/ 340 days cost effectively and target specifically without demanding any traditional employee benefits. We reaches common people, help common people, lesser cost, Much more happiness, beautiful green life and joyful future.